14291 Field Power Cable, 12 Vdc Plug to Pigtail


The 14291 power cable terminates in a barrel plug on one end and two pigtails on the other end. The cable is 2 ft long.

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Detailed Description

For some circumstances, the 14291 Field Power Cable is required for the data logger to power a spread-spectrum radio, MD485 Multidrop Modem, or SC532A. The cable's right-angle barrel plug connects to the device, and its two-conductor pigtail connects to the 12V and G terminals of a data logger.

The 14291 is required when the device is connected to the data logger's RS-232 port instead of its CS I/O port. It is also required when the device is connected to the CS I/O port of an older data logger. Newer data loggers supply 12 V power on pin 8 of their CS I/O port. Some older data loggers lack 12 V power on pin 8 and therefore require the 14291. The table below indicates whether or not 12 V is supplied on pin 8.

12 V on
pin 8
Product Description
yes CR10X wiring panel (black panel with green terminal blocks)
no CR10WP Wiring Panels (black panel with gray terminal strips, not green) used with CR10s and CR10Xs
no all CR10 silver wiring panels 
yes CR23X
yes 21X with serial numbers >13,443
no 21X with serial numbers < 13,443
yes CR500 with serial numbers >1765
no CR500 with serial numbers < 1765
yes 700X with serial numbers >2779
no 700X with serial numbers < 2779

Prior to June 23, 2009, the 14291 had a straight barrel connector. The 14291 was redesigned to have a right-angle connector so that the cable would fit better in an enclosure.


Voltage Rating 300 V
Amperage 7 to 10 A
Length 0.6 m (2 ft) including connector
Weight 22.7 g (0.05 lb)

DC Plug

Outer Diameter 0.55 cm (0.22 in.)
Inner Diameter 0.25 cm (0.1 in.)
Height 1.2 cm (0.47 in.)


Outer Diameter 0.94 cm (0.37 in.)
Length 3.0 cm (1.18 in.) including cable strain relief
Height 1.8 cm (0.71 in.)

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