NL241 Wireless Network Link Interface
Temperature Ranges
-ST -ST -40 to +70C
Warranty Lengths
-SW -SW Standard 1yr Warranty
-XW -XW 4yr Warr Extension

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Product Details
Restockable Yes
Warranty 1 year
Compliance CE Compliance Image RoHS Compliance Image
Ships With
(4) 6044 Grommet for #6 or 8 Screw
(4) 505 Screw #6-32 x .375 Pan Phillips
(1) SC12 Robust CS I/O Cable, 2 ft
(1) 27555 USB 2.0 Cable, Type A Male to Micro B Male, 6/6.5 ft

Common Accessories

The 15966 is often used when the NL241 is in an office next to a computer. This ac/dc transformer accepts inputs from 90 to 260 Vac @ 47 to 63 Hz, and then outputs 12 Vdc @ 880 mA. The 15966 is fitted with a cable and barrel plug to connect the transformer to the NL241; cable length is 6 ft.

Note: The 15966 is not needed at field sites when connecting to the CS I/O port.
The 14291 field power cable allows the NL240 to be powered from a suitable 12 Vdc battery. It terminates in a barrel plug on one end for connection to the NL240 and two pigtails for connection to the 12V and GND terminals on a power supply. The cable has a 2 foot length.

Note: The 14291 is not needed at field sites when connecting to the CS I/O port.
The NL241 requires an antenna. The 16005 is a unity gain (0 dBd), 1/2 wave whip, omnidirectional antenna. Its articulating knuckle joint can be oriented vertically or at right angles. This antenna attaches directly to the radio; a cable is not required. The 16005 must reside inside a building or enclosure.
The NL241 requires an antenna. The 30411 is a 5.8 dBd omnidirectional antenna for use with our 2.4 GHz spread-spectrum products. The 30411 is suitable for base-station use where communication is needed with multiple stations located in different directions. It is also preferred in mobile applications and in other applications in which the best radio path is not constant, including close-up applications without clear line of sight. Mounting hardware is not included.
The NL241 requires an antenna. The 16755 is a high-gain (13 dBd), directional (Yagi) antenna used with our 2.4 GHz radio transceivers. It is intended for longer distances, and for communicating to one other station (due to narrow beam width).
COAXRPSMA-L Antenna Cable LMR195 w/Reverse Polarity SMA & Type N Male Connector
One antenna cable is needed per non-whip antenna. The COAXRPSMA-L is an LMR195 coaxial cable fitted with a Type N Male connector on one end and a Reverse Polarity SMA (RPSMA) male connector on the other end. This cable is commonly used to connect an antenna with Type N connector to a spread-spectrum radio with an RPSMA connector.
Cable Length - show details
-L Pricing is in ft per antenna cable

Allowed values: 1-1000 ft, increments of 1 ft

When used with an RF45X spread-spectrum radio, the recommended cable length is 5 ft (1.5 m). Maximum length is 12 ft (3.66 m).
The 10873 is a DB9-female-to-DB9-male cable that connects the NL241 to the datalogger’s RS-232 port. The cable has a 6 ft length.

Other Accessories

Commonly used with RF407-series or RF451 radio devices, the 31312 is an RF surge protection kit that is installed by Campbell Scientific, bulkhead-mounted through the enclosure wall. One side of the surge protector connects to a radio with an RPSMA antenna connection. The other side connects to an antenna or antenna coaxial cable with a Type N connector.

Replacement Parts

These grommets are commonly used with the 505 screws to secure our equipment to the backplates of our enclosures.
These screws, along with the 6044 grommets, are commonly used together to secure our equipment to the backplates of our enclosures.
The SC12 is our standard cable for connecting the datalogger's 9-pin serial I/O port to most peripherals with a 9-pin port.
The 27555 is a USB Type A to Micro B, male-to-male cable, 6 to 6.5 ft long. It connects devices using the Micro B interface to a USB port on a computer.