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GRANITE | Vehicle Testing

GRANITE | Vehicle Testing—The extraordinary GRANITE™ DAQ series

  • Wireless heads-up display
  • Distributed DAQ
  • Over-the-road testing
  • CANbus ready
Campbell Scientific’s GRANITE series DAQ systems will...

(0:26) Posted: 2/5/2020

The Everest Project Episode 4: Testing

Episode 4 of a five-part series highlights the two testing environments for the Mount Everest stations: at a laboratory and...

(3:35) Posted: 1/28/2020

The Everest Project Episode 3: Design and Manufacturing

Episode 3 of a five-part series discusses designing automated weather stations for quick installation in the extreme environment of Mount...

(1:58) Posted: 1/21/2020

The Everest Project Episode 2: The Challenge

Episode 2 of a five-part series explores the design challenges of automated weather stations for installation on Mount Everest.

(3:51) Posted: 1/15/2020

The Everest Project Episode 1: Introduction

Episode 1 of a five-part series introduces the project for the first permanent automated weather station to be installed on...

(1:15) Posted: 1/7/2020

GRANITE | Data Acquisition

The Campbell Scientific GRANITE Series Data Acquisition system takes data measurement to a new level: • High Speed Data Acquisition •...

(3:11) Posted: 1/3/2020

Installing the SoilVUE™10

The SoilVUE™10 is a soil water content profile sensor powered by Campbell TrueWave™TDR technology. In this video Dirk Baker, a...

(9:13) Posted: 10/23/2019

GRANITE | Dynamic Range

GRANITE | Dynamic Range—The extraordinary GRANITE™ DAQ series • Synchronous • Modular • High Speed • Extreme Environments Campbell Scientific’s GRANITE series DAQ systems...

(0:33) Posted: 9/24/2019

GRANITE | Knight in Armor

GRANITE | Knight in Armor—The extraordinary GRANITE™ DAQ series • Compact • Low Power • Real Time Campbell Scientific’s GRANITE series DAQ systems...

(0:49) Posted: 9/23/2019

GRANITE | Extreme Sensitivity

GRANITE | Extreme Sensitivity—The extraordinary GRANITE™ DAQ series • Compact • Flexible • Rugged • Dynamic Range Campbell Scientific’s GRANITE series DAQ systems—super sensitive,...

(0:37) Posted: 9/20/2019