33476 Solar Sensor ISO 17025 Accredited Recalibration to ASTM E824 with Documentation


The 33476 recalibration service is performed using a reference group of pyranometers traceable to World Radiometric Reference (WRR). This recalibration is ISO 17025 accredited to ASTM E824 standard.



The 33476 recalibration service is suitable for all ISO 9060 thermopile pyranometers, silicon-cell pyranometers, and broadband UV-A and UV-B global radiometers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. We offer three pyranometer calibration services:

    • 33477 ASTM G207 is an indoor calibration. The reference must be the exact same make and model as the sensor being calibrated. For example, a CMP11 must be used to calibrate a CMP11. Silicon detector sensors such as the CS300 are calibrated this way. This is the same method that the manufacturers of ISO 9060 sensors use to calibrate. Good.
    • 33476 ASTM E824 is a more rigorous outdoor calibration. The reference must be the same classification or ISO 9060 specification—for example, secondary standard or second class. Better.
    • 33475 ASTM G167 is an outdoor calibration. The reference is a transfer standard to WMO that has been yearly calibrated to a primary standard. Best.

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