CR1000X OS 1.02
Updated: 12-21-2017

  1. IMPORTANT: Resolved an issue with PPP connections that timed out or were closed with the PPPClose() instruction and then reopened with the PPPOpen() instruction. This type of connection is often used with cellular modems. A flag that tells the datalogger that the network is online was not being reset correctly, resulting in an unresponsive PPP network interface.
  2. Fixed terminal W mode so the terminal will not exit when receiving a character on another comport unless CR (carriage return), or ESC (escape) is received.
  3. Fixed terminal mode monitoring via W command when a new connection is made. The datalogger now ignores a new connection unless it is via PakBus or Telnet. The datalogger recognizes a connection when a CR (carriage return) or ESC (escape) character is received from the new connection.
  4. Fixed Tablename.Fieldname when sampled into another table when a record did not exist in the source table. The operation now returns a NAN when this condition occurs.
  5. Fixed GoesTable() to output commas instead of spaces.
  6. Fixed background calibrations that were failing when using SequentialMode.