CR1000X OS 1.01
Updated: 10-18-2017

  1. Changed the default username and password used by the datalogger FTP server. The new username and password are now both NULL. This change requires the user to set their own username and password (both required) in order to use the datalogger FTP server. Neither the username or the password can be blank. This change was made to better secure the datalogger FTP server against malicious attacks. This change does not affect the FTPClient() instruction.
  2. Changed reset tables via the keyboard display to require first level security.
  3. Changed terminal sniff on Ethernet to show the entire Ethernet packet instead of just the first 54 bytes.
  4. ESSVariables(): enhanced the pre-compiler to flag an error if variables are declared as the wrong type or wrong dimensions.
  5. Various fixes and adjustments made to make the PC CRBasic pre-compiler more robust and more verbose with warnings and error messages.
  6. Fixed various settings of type Boolean (BOOL4 and BOOL) that were not being set correctly via the SetSetting() instruction.
  7. Fixed EmailRelay() if the ServerResponse parameter is not a variable of type STRING.
  8. Fixed TableName.FieldName() when FieldName is a timestamp passed into a function as type string. The logger now allocates enough memory for the string instead of just the 8 bytes of the time stamp.
  9. Fixed NetworkTimeProtcol() which could have had a 500 msec offset error.
  10. Fixed setting a BOOLEAN in a Constant Table. Prior to this change, the timestamp would increment at every scan regardless of whether the table was updated or not.
  11. Fixed the keyboard display when displaying RS232Power to show correctly and not a value of 255 when set to True.
  12. Fixed the keyboard display when displaying floating point numbers greater than 2.0465E9.
  13. Fixed a memory leak when using PingIP().
  14. Fixed a memory lead when using EmailRelay().
  15. Fixed SendData() when sending data from the Public table. The bug was that data was being transmitted from the DataTableInfo table instead of the Public table.