CR1000X OS 3.02
Updated: 04-22-2019

  1. (New Feature) Added support for VWIRE 305, VOLT 116, VOLT 108, TEMP 120.
  2. (New Feature) Added an optional count parameter to AvgRun() that returns the actual number of values used to calculate the running average. The actual number of values used may be different than the number specified for the calculation due to NAN values in the buffer of historical data.
  3. (Major) The CR6/CR1000x Datalogger no longer watchdogs when receiving DHCP packets larger than 500 bytes when the datalogger is the DHCP server. This change improves communication reliability over the RNDIS port and the integrated WIFI option when configured to create a network.
  4. (Major) The memory allocated for the CPU no logger gets corrupted when a task interrupt occurs during the write process of a watchdog file.
  5. (Major) PPP will now properly restart when the PPP state in the data logger shows “User interrupt”.
  6. (Minor) PulseCount() no longer generates a rare skipped scan with a fast program scan (≥20Hz) or when available measurement time is used up. The actual pulse count results were not affected.