CR1000X OS 6.01
Updated: 09-28-2022

  1. (Minor) Removed Default DNS address ( to improve data logger network security.
  2. (Minor) Removed the “Server:” line in the HTTP header response to improve data logger network security.
  3. (Minor) Fixed a rare case where the serial port used for communications would revert to the default setting.
  4. (Minor) Fixed an initialization error condition after ApplyAndRestart is triggered for constants declared as type Boolean in a ConstTable().
  5. (Minor) RTMC projects published to a datalogger will now be displayed before the data logger default web pages. The memory drive for the default data logger web pages was given a lower priority.
  6. (Minor) Changed when the OS checks the busy status of the micro SD card. The check is now performed before a write not after. This change lowers the power consumption when using Centon micro SD cards.