CR1000X OS 5.01
Updated: 05-24-2021

  1. (Major) PakBus WebSocket’s are now enabled only when the Enable Setting is True and the PakBus URL is set.
  2. (Minor) Fixed a minion watchdog by improving interrupt handling. These Watchdogs can occur if there are comport configuration conflicts between the data logger settings and the running program.
  3. (Minor) Fixed a potential watchdog event that can occur when using HTTP to list files when data logger memory resources are low.
  4. (Minor) ARP messages are now transmitted correctly to improve static address mapping on a network.
  5. (Minor) GOES channel can now be set to a value up to 566.
  6. (Minor) The delete all option in FileManage() now clears out the cashed buffers to make sure the directory and FAT information is current. This fixed a rare condition where the delete all incorrectly reported the presence of files that no longer existed.
  7. (Minor) Improve MQTT sensor talk-thru to parse sensor output before publishing to ensure proper JSON is returned in the response (i.e., JSON special characters are properly escaped).