1017 3/4 x 3/4 in. Nu-Rail Crossover Fitting


The 1017 Nu-Rail® Crossover Fitting attaches a 0.75 in. IPS pipe to another 0.75 in. IPS pipe. The most common use of the 1017 is on our 019ALU Crossarm. A listing of sensors commonly used with the 019ALU appears in the Compatibility information.

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Detailed Description

The 1017 NU-RAIL® Crossover Fitting connects a vertical 3/4" IPS pipe to a horizontal 3/4" IPS pipe. It typically attaches a sensor with a 3/4” IPS pipe mount to a 019ALU crossarm.

The 1017 has two ovoid segments that are oriented at a 90° angle. Each segment accepts one piece of pipe allowing a vertical pipe to be secured to a horizontal pipe. The horizontal and vertical pipes are secured to the 1017 fitting using screws, which are tightened with an Allen wrench.



CM202 CM202SS CM204 CM204SS CM206 019ALU


The 1017 compatible with sensors that have a 3/4 in. IPS pipe mount (1 in. OD).

Wind Sensors

014A 03101 27106T 03001 (retired) 03002 034B Wind Monitors (all) WINDSONIC CSAT3

Other Sensors

  • KH2O Krypton Hygrometer

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