This product is no longer available and has been replaced by: WINDSONIC4-LC.
WINDSONIC-LC Gill 2-D Sonic WInd Sensor with SDI-12 Output for MetData1
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This version of the WindSonic Wind Sensor has a connector rather than the standard pigtails. The connector attaches to the MetData1 Weather Station. The WindSonic, manufactured by Gill Instruments Ltd., is a two dimensional ultrasonic anemometer for measuring wind speed and direction. The WindSonic is an alternative to traditional mechanical cup and vane or propeller and vane anemometers. The WindSonic does not have moving parts, which minimizes routine maintenance.

The "-LC" version of this product terminates in a connector (instead of pigtails) for use with a CS110 Electric Field Meter or MetData1 Weather Station.  The length of the cable is specified at the time of order.


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