CPI Communications / HUB-CPI
HUB-CPI 8-Channel RJ45 Hub for CPI Peripherals


The HUB-CPI allows eight CPI (CAN peripheral interface) devices to be connected together in parallel. Typically, this configuration includes one data logger and up to seven CDMs (Campbell distributed modules) or sensors that use CPI.

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Detailed Description

The eight RJ45 connectors are tied together, pin to pin. For example, pin 1 on one connector is tied to pin 1 on all other connectors, but it is not tied to any other pin. This device has no active electronics. It is not an Ethernet hub.


Connectors Eight RJ45 connectors
Board Thickness 0.254 cm (0.1 in.)
Dimensions 8.43 x 3.35 x 2.11 cm (3.32 x 1.32 x 0.83 in.)

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