Cellular Telephone Modems / Cellular Data Services
Cellular Data Services

Benefits and Features

  • Ready to use out of the box—no need to work with a cellular carrier for modem provisioning and data plans
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customer support from Campbell Scientific who understands your application
  • Secure Konect PakBus Router assures on-demand two-way access to your datalogger

Data Plans

Simplified yearly billing

  • 25 MB per month
  • 250 MB per month
  • 1 GB per month
  • 5 GB per month
Device Option Cellular Protocol Market Verizon AT&T T-Mobile International

-CELL200 3G, 2G International*
-CELL205 4G LTE, 3G Fallback North America
-CELL210 4G LTE CAT-1 United States
RV50 -NA 4G LTE 3G/2G North America
-INT 4G LTE 3G/2G International*

*Confirm modem compliance for country/carrier where servcies are needed.

Product Line

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. A line of service can be suspended for up to 90 days. Contact Campbell Scientific Customer Service for assistance.

  2. Contact Campbell Scientific Customer Service for assistance. Each subscription is prepaid for a year of service. Refunds are not available for early cancellations.

  3. Yes. Campbell Scientific offers static IP address plans on the Verizon network. Contact Customer Service for additional information. Availability of this service may change. Please be aware of some important details.

    • A public-facing static IP address is open to malicious activity and poses a risk for data overages and security issues. Our standard cellular data service is more secure and uses a private dynamic IP address. To assist in two-way communications, Campbell Scientific, Inc. provides its customers with a complimentary subscription to the Konect PakBus Router service with each cellular-enabled hardware device purchased from us.
    • A public-facing static IP address is costlier.
  4. Yes, for RV50 modems. Place an order for CELLPROV with the desired carrier and data plan. Complete the Cellular Data Service Provisioning Order form, making sure to include the modem model number, serial number, and IMEI number. An activated SIM will be shipped to you complete with instructions to install the SIM and to program the modem.

  5. We have access to over 600 cellular carriers in 185 countries. If the country where you need service is not on the Country List for Cellular Plans, contact Campbell Scientific Customer Service for a quote. We need to know the country and expected monthly data use.

  6. Campbell Scientific cellular data plans provide a private dynamic IP address. With a dynamic IP address, a datalogger can connect to the Internet and push data or emails to a programmed location. However, because the modem is using a dynamic (changing) address within a private network, you cannot initiate communication with the datalogger without the help of a routing service. Campbell Scientific offers the Konect PakBus Router service to enable this two-way communication between Campbell Scientific support software and the datalogger. When you purchase a cellular-enabled device from Campbell Scientific, Inc., a complimentary subscription to the Konect PakBus Router is included with your purchase.

  7. On our website, log in to your account and select the Cellular Data Subscriptions option listed under Orders and Tools. This page will show your data use, modem status on the carrier, and other information.

    If you would like to give others access to this information, they need to create their own user account (an option on the Account Login page). Then share with them the modem phone number, which is also called the MSISDN number. After they log in, have them select the Cellular Data Subscriptions option listed under Orders and Tools and then the Linked Subscriptions tab. From there, they enter the modem phone number, and then they will then be able to view the information they need.

  8. Each data plan has a monthly limit. Cellular data services are billed annually. If the modem data use exceeds the plan limit for a month, an email will be sent to notify the customer contact. Data overage charges are logged each day. When overage charges reach $50.00, customers will be notified and billed.

  9. The duration of a subscription is typically one year, beginning 10 days from the provisioning date. Service suspensions or multi-year subscriptions will affect the renewal date. Forty-five days before a subscription expires, Campbell Scientific will send the customer contact a renewal notice via email with a link to the online renewal center on the Your Account page. From there, customers can renew the subscription and select a method of payment.

  10. Yes. Financial responsibility for a line of service can be transferred to another customer. The customer to whom the service will be transferred must establish an account with Campbell Scientific and then notify Campbell Scientific Customer Service that financial responsibility for a line of service should be moved to the new account. The request must come from the new customer. Notice to customer service must reference the current customer name and the line of service to be moved. The line of service is identified by the phone number (MSISDN) assigned to the modem.