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Provisioning for Data Plans
Used with cellular data plans
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At Campbell Scientific, we offer cellular data modem provisioning to be used with our RV50 modems, CR300 and CR310 dataloggers, Konect Router, and CellData data plans to provide you with a complete, secure, two-way, cellular data service plan.

You can order the RV50, CR300, or CR310 with the built-in CellProv data provisioning option and add a CellData service subscription. Alternatively, you can order the CellProv data modem provisioning and CellData service subscription for a previously purchased RV50, CR300, or CR310. 

Benefits and Features

  • Ready to use out of the box—no need to work with a cellular carrier for modem provisioning and data plans
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customer support from Campbell Scientific who understands your application
  • Secure Konect router assures on-demand two-way access to your datalogger