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Cellular Communications

Benefits and Features

  • One place to go for cellular modems and service
  • Ready to use out of the box—no need to work with a cellular carrier for modem provisioning and data plans
  • Secure Konect PakBus Router assures on-demand two-way access to your data logger
  • Integrated modems save money, space, and time
  • Customer support from Campbell Scientific who understands your application
  • Competitive pricing
Device Option Cellular Protocol Market Verizon AT&T T-Mobile International
CELL205 4G LTE CAT-1 North America
CELL210 4G LTE CAT-1 United States
CELL215 4G LTE CAT-1 EMEA countries*
CELL220 4G LTE CAT-1 Australia*

-CELL200 3G, 2G International*
-CELL205 4G LTE, 3G Fallback North America
-CELL210 4G LTE CAT-1 United States
RV50 -NA 4G LTE 3G/2G North America
-INT 4G LTE 3G/2G International*

*Confirm modem compliance for country/carrier where services are needed.

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