Cellular data services

For as many years as you’ve been using cellular modems to communicate with your datalogger, Campbell Scientific has been helping clients negotiate, arrange, configure, and resolve difficulties that arise with this valuable medium. Now we have established our own cellular data service plans to take much of the mess out of your experience.

Because we know how you need to access your data from far away, we have established a service tailored to the needs of our clients and partners. Our cellular data service is global—available in over 185 countries and supported by over 600 carriers.

If you buy Campbell Scientific cellular-enabled products and also subscribe to our cellular data service, your devices will come activated and ready to use. You won’t need to work with a cellular provider since activation, billing, and support are through Campbell Scientific.

You can also add our data service to an existing hardware system, easily replacing other cellular providers with our specialized data service. Campbell service plans can fit a variety of needs, from 25 MB to 5 GB per month. The low-cost service is billed annually, and is secure and reliable.

Now we offer new cellular hardware, cloud-hosted data solutions, and this new cellular data service. Access your data from where and when you want, and trust that it is secure. We understand your data needs and we are best qualified to help you access your data.

Learn more about our dataloggers with integrated cellular modem gateways in our New Cellular Options for Dataloggers newsletter article, and more about these cellular data services at this web page: campbellsci.com/cellular-data-services.

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