The TDR100's innovative design provides a low-cost and compact unit for time-domain reflectometry (TDR) measurements. Typical applications include measuring soil volumetric water content, electrical conductivity, and monitoring landform stability.

CR10X and CR23X dataloggers contain Instruction 119 to automate TDR100 measurements in the field or laboratory. PCTDR software, included with the TDR100, is used to display the waveform during system setup and troubleshooting. The software displays volumetric water content and electrical conductivitiy, switches SDMX50 multiplexer channels, collects waveform and derivative data files, and determines probe constant values needed for electrical conductivity measurements. Acquisition time for water content, electrical conductivity, or waveforms is two seconds. The reflectometer draws a maximum 270 mA (2 mA standby) at 12 Vdc.

The ENCTDR100 is an enclosure that houses the TDR100 along with the datalogger, power supply and one SDMX50SP 8-channel coaxial multiplexer. Additonal multiplexers can be added for monitoring up to 512 TDR probes.

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