Add the CSAT3 and easily record surface fluxes on-line

The CS7500 is a fast-response, openpath analyzer designed for measuring CO2 and H2O surface fluxes using eddycovariance (EC) techniques. Campbell Scientific teamed with Li-Cor, Inc., to specify the features critical to quality EC flux measurements, then Li-Cor designed and now manufactures the probe as the LI-7500.

Combining the CS7500 with Campbell Scientific’s CSAT3 Sonic Anemometer and CR23X Micrologger or CR5000 provides a dc powered system capable of recording surface fluxes online. If time-series data are recorded, a lap-top computer or the CR5000 is required to store the large data files.

Inclusion of an SDM interface and a programmable delay in the CS7500 ensures that the CO2 and H2O measurements are synchronized precisely with the CSAT3’s wind measurements.

The analyzer features an aerodynamic head, low noise and low drift, and it draws 850 mA from a 12 V source. The CS7500 may be purchased from Campbell Scientific or Li-Cor for the same price.

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