Our Web site, now in its fourth incarnation, will be on-line soon, expanding the information available from our current site.

Our Products section covers our peripheral products and explores our "main products" in more depth. We’ve added a Systems section that covers our Weather Stations as well as Evapotranspiration, Micromet, Trace Gas, Time Domain Reflectometry, SCADA, MSHAapproved, Storm Water, and Pump and Slug Test systems.

To help you Find Us in your area, we’ve hotlinked maps for locating and contacting our growing network of US and International affiliates and representatives.

Our Support section offers more on-line Application Notes, Manuals, Product Literature, and adds a section of Frequently Asked Questions.

As on our current site, you can select Download to obtain copies of Demo Software, Free Software, Training Class Schedules, and Programming Examples.

We’ve added Info Centers, which are application-specific areas where you, our customers, can locate information relevant to Your Application. We’ve created 27 Info Centers, including Air Quality, Aquaculture, Fire Weather, Geotechnical and Mining, Micrometeorology, Soil Water, Vehicle Test, and Water Quality. These Info Centers describe our capabilities in each area, and discuss examples of customer applications, provide links to related Web sites, and offer an Ask Our Expert button to directly contact an application engineer specializing in your area. These Info Centers will continue to expand, providing customized information relevant to your application. Toward this end, we invite application descriptions, photos, and offers to link to your home pages. Contact webmaster@campbellsci.com or your favorite application engineer for details. See ya in cyberspace!

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