Want a really simple way to generate a datalogger program? Check out Short Cut for Windows! SCWin’s five easy steps walk you smoothly through the process:

  1. Create a program file
  2. Choose your sensors and units of measure from a list
  3. Select special calculation or enter custom equation
  4. Set intervals for data output
  5. Build the download file

SCWin supports over 120 sensors, special calculations (e.g., windchill, heat index), and generic measurements (half bridge pulse) for the CR10X, CR510, CR23X, and their predecessors. The MetData1 and ET106 Weather Station sensors are also supported. SCWin automatically allocates terminals and creates a wiring diagram for you to follow.

If you need to crunch your data, just type in the equation and let SCWin create the datalogger code. Choose from a variety of statistics to process your data, then select up to 10 intervals to store the results. When you’re finished, SCWin saves your settings and builds a file to send to the datalogger using PC200W or PC208W.

Short Cut for Windows was released March 22. Updates with new features or sensors will be available from our web site: www. campbellsci.com/resource.html or follow the links from our home page.

If you find problems, have ideas for improvements or sensors to support, or want to be notified of new Short Cut releases, please email us: scwin@campbellsci.com

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