Low orbit allows smaller antenna, power supply

This Service Argos certified PTT satellite transmitter is well suited for remote data collection. Service Argos data transceivers fly aboard two of NASA’s polar orbiting satellites. Their relatively low orbital altitude of about 800 kilometers permits use of a smaller antenna and power supply. The orbit period is approximately 1 hour and 47 minutes for each satellite, providing hourly data transmission at extreme northern and southern latitudes. About six satellite passes per day occur at the Equator but they are not evenly spaced. Each data transmission includes up to 32 bytes (16 data points). Data must be decoded by the user, or by Service Argos for a fee of approximately $7.50 per day, per station.

The SAT ARGOS PTT supports up to four Argos ID numbers. Message repeat intervals, Argos ID numbers, and duty cycles are changed using a simple computer-based interface. The CS I/O port provides all the power and I/O connections to the transmitter using the standard SC12 ribbon cable. The transmitter draws less than 2 mA continuous average current drain. SAT ARGOS will be supported by the CR10X operating system (instruction 125), call for CR23X or CR510 Argos applications.

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