The SM4M and SM16M replace the SM192 and SM716 as our next generation, compact (5" x 3" x 1") storage modules. Non-volatile memory stores 2 and 8 million low-resolution data values for the SM4M and SM16M, respectively. Both devices store up to eight datalogger programs, simplifying field exchange of programs.

The new modules are compatible with our array-based dataloggers and our DSP4 Heads Up Display. The operating temperature range is identical to their predecessors: -35° to 65°C standard, -55° to 85°C, extended.

Up to four storage modules can be connected to one datalogger using SC12 or SC12R cable(s). Data are transferred from the datalogger at rates of 9.6 to 76.8 kbps. A green LED on the module lights up during data storage; a red LED indicates the module’s operational status at power-up.

Data and programs are transferred between the storage modules and a computer using an SC532 interface at rates from 300 to 115,200 bps. SMS software, included in Version 3.1a of PC208W and available at no charge in PC200W 1.2, provides software support for the new modules.

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