In an effort to publicly display real-time weather measurements, we have integrated our ET-series weather station with a Trans-Lux message center.

This new system provides a wealth of displayable data. Parameters displayed on our system are maximum and minimum temperatures, wind speed, solar radiation, dew point, vapor pressure, relative humidity, evapotranspiration, and density altitude, all in appropriate units. These and other variables appear on the sign as a PC simultaneously controls the sign and routes data from the weather station to the sign every second.

In the future, this type of configuration may allow for the real-time display of time-series data from multiple dataloggers that are measuring wind speed, oil pressure, G forces, or essentially any variable a table-based datalogger can measure.

There has been a remarkable effort by Trans-Lux and CSI engineers to make this real-time display a reality. Now we can provide meaningful instantaneous data to the general public and scientists alike.

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