18098 Eppley Solar Sensor or Cellular Antenna Mounting Stand


The 18098 is used to mount a user-supplied Eppley solar sensor or a 18285 omnidirectional antenna to a tripod or tower. This mounting stand is shipped with the 18285 antenna, and is available as a replacement part.



Material Anodized aluminum
Hardware Material Stainless steel
Material Thickness 3.175 mm (0.125 in.)



Place the U-bolt on the bracket's bottom holes for attachment to a crossarm.

CM202 CM202SS CM203 CM204 CM204SS CM206

Mast or Vertical Pole

Place the U-bolt on the bracket's side holes for attachment to a tripod or tower mast or to a user-supplied vertical pole.


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User-Supplied Vertical Pole

The 18098 can mount to a pipe with a 1 to 2.1 inch outer diameter.

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