UT10 10 ft Tower with Base, Adjustable Mast, and Grounding Kit


The UT10 is a durable, lightweight instrument tower that can be used for a variety of applications. It supports a 3 m (10 ft) measurement height for wind sensors as well as sturdy attachment points for antennas, solar panels, environmental enclosures, radiation shields, and crossarms. It is a versatile instrument mount: many of the same sensor mounts that are used with our tripods or other towers can be used with the UT10.

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Benefits and Features

  • Sturdy, long-term instrument mount
  • Base and grounding kit included


UT10 tower with mast
UT10 tower with mast
UT10 tower with mast
UT10 tower
UT10 base
UT10 grounding kit

Detailed Description

The tower consists of 2.5 cm (1 in.) OD corrosion-resistant aluminum tubing. In cross-section, it is 25.7 cm (10.1 in.) on a side (center of tubing to center of tubing). It includes an adjustable mast, a hinged base, lightning rod, grounding rod, and cable tie kit.

The J-bolt kit is required to assemble the tower to its concrete pad. 

  • The J-bolt kit can be ordered as the -J option, and the kit is delivered with the rest of the tower.
  • If the -NJ option is ordered, without the J-bolt kit, and the kit is ordered separately, the user can have delivery on the J-bolt kit prior to the rest of the tower, making the parts available when the concrete pad is poured.

Note: Refer to the "Instrumentation Mounts" product brochure for crossarm, solar radiation mounts, and radiation shield options.


Material Hardened aluminum
Required Concrete Pad Dimensions 61 x 61 x 61 cm (24 x 24 x 24 in.)

Concrete pad requirements assume heavy soil; light, shifting, or sandy soils require a larger concrete pad.
Leg Spacing 26 cm (10.25 in.) between legs, center to center
Pipe Outer Diameter
  • 2.5 cm (1 in.) for vertical
  • 0.953 cm (0.375 in.) for cross support
Crossarm Height (attached to mast)
  • 3 m (10 ft) standard
  • 3.7 m (~12 ft) maximum with mast fully extended
  • 2.7 m (~9 ft) minimum
Height 3 m (10 ft)
Weight 17.2 kg (38 lb)

Maximum Wind Load Recommendation

-NOTE- Wind load endurance is affected by quality of anchoring and installation; guy wire tension; soil type; guy angle; and number, type, and location of instruments fastened to the tower.

Wind load recommendation assumes proper installation, proper anchoring, adequate soil, and total instrument projected area of less than 0.19 m2 (2 ft2).
Wind Load Recommendation 177 km/h (110 mph)


Enclosure Brackets

The “-TM” mount option for our environmental enclosures is used to attach our enclosures to a UT10 tower. An enclosure ordered with the “-TM” option will be shipped with a three-piece bracket mounted to the top of the enclosure and an identical three-piece bracket mounted to the bottom of the enclosure. This mounting bracket option uses the same three-piece brackets as the "-MM" option, except the pieces are rearranged so that the flanges are on the side of the bracket instead of in the middle. The distance between the centers of each flange needs to be 10.25”.


CM202 CM202SS CM203 CM204 CM204SS CM206 019ALU UT018-5

Frequently Asked Questions

Number of FAQs related to UT10: 1

  1. With regard to height, these two mounting structures are similar:

    • The UT10 tower supports a 10 ft measurement height.
    • The CM106B tripod is adjustable from 7 to 10 ft.

    There are some notable differences:

    • The UT10 tower has a smaller footprint and is generally preferred when concrete (approximately 1 cubic yard) is available at the site. 
    • If a CM106B tripod is guyed and has its mast extended, the tripod’s maximum allowable sustained wind is 100 mph. In comparison, the UT10’s wind load recommendation is a maximum of 110 mph. 

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