The VSP3 Vosponder allows customers to call their monitoring station using a hand-held UHF or VHF radio and receive a verbal report of real-time conditions. Manufactured by Dacom, the VSP3 converts raw digital data from an SDI-12 compatible data acquisition system into a voice message. The voice messages, comprised of text and data values, can be transmitted via RF radio. Transmission of voice messages can be initiated based on an interval, an alarm condition, or a DTMF sequence. Each Vosponder can be assigned a unique DTMF ID Code that allows users to set up broadcasts from multiple sites. Unique messages can be assigned to different alarm conditions.

The Vosponder is set up using the "Image Builder" software program. It allows the user to create a configuration file that includes the voice message string and the data values that are inserted into the messages. HyperTerminal is used to upload the file to the Vosponder.

The Vosponder can be integrated with the RF310, RF311, and RF313 radios. A user-supplied, hand-held radio with matching radio frequency is required.

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