An extended temperature range option is now available for our RF400 and RF410 radios. Radios with this option are tested and certified to operate over the -55° to 85°C range. The standard temperature range is -25° to 50°C.

We offer several antennas for our RF400-series radios and CR200-series dataloggers. The antennas most commonly used with 900 MHz radios (RF400, RF410) and dataloggers (CR205, CR210) include:

  • 14204 omnidirectional, 0 dBd, ½ wave whip with right angle knuckle joint
  • 15970 dipole, 1 dBd with window/wall mount
  • 14221 omnidirectional, 3 dBd (requires antenna cable)
  • 14201 Yagi, 9 dBd (requires antenna cable)

Antennas compatible with our 2.4 GHz RF415 radio and CR215 datalogger include:

  • 16005 omnidirectional, 0 dBd, ½ wave whip with articulating knuckle joint
  • 16755 Yagi, 13 dBd (requires antenna cable)

Our higher-gain antennas (i.e., 14221, 14201, and 16755) can be used outdoors; we recommend using a surge suppressor to help protect the radio from electrical transients conducted through the antenna cable. The 16982 Surge Protector Kit can be used with our 2.4 GHz RF415 radio and CR215 datalogger. This kit includes a surge suppressor and a COAX RPSMA cable that connects the surge suppressor to the radio transceiver. Our 900 MHz radio transceivers use the 14462 Surge Protector Kit.

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