We are now shipping PC9000 version 5.0. This version offers more flexibility for real-time monitoring, historical data display, and faster communication speeds between the datalogger and the PC. Three new real-time windows are Trend Monitor, Spatial Plotter, and 3-D FFT. The historical data viewer now supports the CR9052 Filter Module. We have optimized the DLL for communicating with the new CR9032 CPU Module while allowing full reverse compatibility with the older CR9031 CPU Module and the CR5000 datalogger. We've revised the driver to support parallel port communications as well as added support for CANbus 11-bit identifiers in the program generators.

PC9000 runs on Windows® XP/2000/NT/98. One licensed copy of PC9000 ships free of charge with each CR9000X. CR5000 users can purchase either PC9000 or LoggerNet as their primary datalogger support software.

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