Short Cut Software generates programs for Campbell Scientific's dataloggers and preconfigured weather stations. Short Cut is designed to help both beginning and advanced datalogger programmers create datalogger programs quickly and easily. Programs are created in four easy steps: 1) select the datalogger model, 2) select the sensors and devices to be connected to the datalogger, 3) select the data to be stored in the datalogger, and 4) save the datalogger program. Short Cut generates a wiring diagram for connecting your sensors and devices to the datalogger. In addition to our standard sensors, multiplexers, and dataloggers, Short Cut supports generic measurements such as differential voltage, bridge, and pulse. Short Cut also supports commonly used mathematical calculations (e.g., heat index, wind chill), custom user entered calculations, and control logic (e.g., alarm trigger, cellular phone control).

A new feature in Short Cut 2.0 is its ability to generate CRBasic programs, the language used by our CR200 and CR5000 dataloggers. If you are new to CRBasic programming, you can generate a CRBasic datalogger program with Short Cut, open it in the CRBasic Editor available in LoggerNet and PC400, and examine the CRBasic code that Short Cut generated. However, the changes you make to the datalogger program with the CRBasic Editor can not be imported back into Short Cut.

Short Cut is a program generator only. A communications package such as PC200W, PC400, or LoggerNet must be used to transfer the datalogger program to the datalogger. Short Cut is included with PC400, and is available at no charge from our Web site.

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