New package is easy to use and offers many full-featured options
We have recently released PC400 as our mid-level datalogger support software. PC400 follows the easy-to-use design of PC200W, but offers many of the telecommunications options and full-featured editors provided in LoggerNet.

An EZSetup Wizard in PC400 guides you through the necessary steps to add new dataloggers to your network or edit settings of existing dataloggers. PC400 software supports programming, communication, and data collection for all of our dataloggers, whether they use Edlog or CRBasic to create the program. The "Edlog dataloggers" include the CR500, CR510, CR10, CR10X, 21X, CR23X, and CR7 (with mixedarray, table-data, or PAKBUS® operating systems). The "CRBasic dataloggers" include the CR200, CR205, CR210, CR215, CR5000, CR9000 and CR9000X.

PC400 supports direct connect (RS-232 via local serial cable, short haul modems, or other transparent links), TCP/IP, telephone, TAPI, spread spectrum radios, VHF/UHF radios, and multidrop communication devices.

The Short Cut Program Generator as well as the full-featured datalogger program editors, Edlog and CRBasic, are included with PC400. Other software tools bundled with PC400 include Split and View for working with data files, and LogTool for troubleshooting communications.

While LoggerNet is used to schedule data collection, PC400 relies on the user to initiate data collection. The new PAKBUS protocols are supported by assigning each datalogger its own subnetwork. Users typically don't have to configure PAKBUS routing settings in the dataloggers. PC400 does not support mixed telecommunications links (phone-to-RF), automatic data collection, or real-time graphical displays.

Making its debut with PC400 is DevConfig, a Device Configuration Utility for setting up Campbell Scientific hardware. DevConfig allows you to send new operating systems to devices with FLASH memory, configure various PAKBUS settings in dataloggers, and edit settings for communications peripherals such as the MD485, RF400, and SC105. DevConfig includes clear instructions for connecting each device to the PC and provides Help for each setting.

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