The CR9000X, the next generation of the CR9000, is available. The CR9000X incorporates the new high speed CR9032 CPU Module, which processes at least 25 times faster than its predecessor, the CR9031 CPU Module.

In addition to the 180 MHz Hitachi processor, the CR9032 also features 128 MB internal SDRAM, a built-in PC card slot, an RS-232 port, and a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet port.

A CR9000 system can be upgraded to a CR9000X system by replacing the CR9031 CPU Module with the CR9032 CPU Module. One licensed copy of PC9000 Support Software, version 5.0, is included with each CR9000X or CR9032 order.

A limited number of CR9031- compatible communication interfaces (PLA100, TL925, NL105) are available.

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