Campbell Scientific’s SDMs (Synchronous Devices for Measurement) are microprocessor-controlled measurement and control peripherals that augment the measurement and control capabilities of most Campbell dataloggers.

Once enabled, the SDMs operate independently of the datalogger until additional commands are received or results are transmitted. Each SDM is configured with a unique address and is controlled/interrogated via a single datalogger programming instruction.

Up to 16 SDMs can be operated by one datalogger; the SDMs are wired to the 12 Vdc, GND, and three SDM-compatible control ports on a CR10X, CR23X, CR7, or CR5000.

The SDMs listed below are new to our product line this year; all were designed by our European affiliate, Campbell Scientific Ltd.

  • SDM-CVO4 outputs voltage or current signal
  • New SDM-CD16D expands digital output
  • SDM-CAN: The CANbus network interface

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