Speed rivals PC-based systems

We have added real-time Fast Fourier Transform spectral analyses to the CR9000 Measurement and Control System by updating the code in the CR9052DC Anti-Alias Filter Module.

The high-performance DSP in the CR9052 rivals the speed and capabilities of PC-based systems. In addition, the CR9000 system offers a rugged, portable, 12 Vdc powered solution. The CR9052 can perform 2048-point FFTs on six channels in real-time.

The normal processing sequence is to collect a snapshot of time-series data, apply a time-series window (optional), perform the FFT, normalize the results into spectra (amplitude and phase, power, power spectral density, and dB are options). In addition, the CR9052 can combine adjacent spectral components to provide 1/n octave analyses.

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