The Trimble Navigation model SV8PLUS GPS receiver is available as a standard product on our 2001 price lists. The SV8 receives signals from orbiting satellites in the Geographic Positioning System, then calculates its location on the Earth’s surface, and outputs a data stream to the datalogger via an RS-232 port.

The SV8 can receive up to eight channels of GPS data; number of channels received at any particular point in time depends on the number of satellites "viewable" above the horizon. The receiver can also support differential correction.

The SV8 is factory set to output data at 1200 bps, allowing the CR10X to input the GPS data directly via its control ports and Program Instruction 15 (P15). GPS time, position, and velocity information can be monitored. P15 can also be used to turn the GPS on and off, thus reducing the power budget when GPS data are not needed.

The datalogger time can be set to match the GPS time or local time with the accuracy of the GPS signal. The SV8 also provides a timing pulse at one second intervals. The timing pulses are extremely accurate and can be used to synchronize time between several instrumentation sites even when they are separated by a great distance.

The standard SV8 includes an active patch magnetic mount antenna, mounting bracket, power cable and RS-232-to-control port communication cable.

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