For applications with large power requirements, we’ve added the MSX64R and MSX128R Solar Panels to our product line. They are regulated solar panels with peak output power of 64 and 128 Watts, respectively.

Both panels are designed to support solar recharge of deep cycle marine batteries. Attaching the power leads to the posts of a deep cycle battery is made more convenient using our terminal strip adapter, part number 4386.

If you own an MSX64R and decide you need more power, you can order an unregulated 64 Watt panel (part number 13968) that connects to an MSX64R to increase the peak output power to 128 Watts. Typically, the only products available from Campbell Scientific that require this much power are the 023/CO2 Bowen ratio and CO2 Eddy Covariance systems.

Campbell Scientific strives for instrumentation designs that have minimal power requirements. It is perhaps telling that these "large" solar panels have power output ratings equivalent to the power requirements of one household light bulb! Most of our systems can be easily powered with a 10 Watt solar panel.

We recommend that you use our Application Note 5-F to calculate the specific power requirements of your data acquisition system.

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