The SC532A interfaces Campbell Scientific peripherals to the serial port of a PC. The SC532A has three basic functions and an internal jumper; the jumper setting determines how the SC532A works. The SC532A can interface the PC to:

  1. Our SM4M, SM16M, SM716, and SM192 Storage Modules. In this case, data and datalogger programs can be transferred in either direction (use factory jumper setting).
  2. A COM200 telephone modem to use as a calling modem.
  3. A SAT ARGOS or SAT SCD/ ARGOS or transmitter. Typically used to preprogram the transmitter while in the office (set jumper to program position).

The SC532A is a direct replacement for the SC532. Major changes include the additional functionality referenced above, a smaller size, and a 9-pin serial port as opposed to a 25-pin serial port.

Also, the power cable/ac adapter is no longer an integrated part of the product, allowing the SC532A to be powered by a removable ac adapter or connected to battery power via an optional field cable (part number 14020) that plugs into a datalogger CS I/O port.

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