The SDM-CAN interfaces a Campbell Scientific datalogger directly to a CANbus peripheral or communications network. CANbus is a communication protocol developed for robust data transfer; it is becoming widely used in the automotive test industry as part of on-board vehicle diagnostic systems.

Data acquired by a vehicle’s onboard "computer" is exported to the datalogger where it can be stored and synchronized with a variety of other measurements. This allows storage of comprehensive time-series data, onboard system operation to be verified by independent measurements, and the capability to measure a large number of additional or unique sensors "in parallel" with the diagnostic system (e.g., GPS data, additional pressure, flow, temperature measurements).

The SDM-CAN is configured for individual tests within the datalogger program; a 9-pin RS-232 is also available to update firmware to the SDMCAN from a PC. Baud rates up to 1 Mbaud are supported by the SDM-CAN.

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