8062 12 Ah 12 V Sealed Rechargeable Battery without Mounting Hardware for BP12


The 8062 is the BP12's 12 Ah 12 V sealed rechargeable battery, but without the mounting hardware that attaches the battery to an enclosure backplate. This product is available for customers who need a replacement battery, are not using an enclosure, or will be using the 27758 secured mounting kit or a custom user-supplied mounting bracket.

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8062 battery with battery cable
8062 battery with battery cable
8062 battery with battery cable
8062 battery with battery cable

Detailed Description

The 8062 includes a 24 in. attached cable that terminates in a connector for attaching the battery to a CH150 or CH200 regulator. The 8062 also comes with a 24 in. cable for use with the CR6 datalogger or other products that need a pigtail termination instead of a white connector. (This cable is bagged and taped to the battery.) Switching the standard cable for the pigtail cable is easily accomplished by the user. 


Dimensions 15.24 x 10.8 x 10.16 cm (6.0 x 4.25 x 4.0 in.)
Weight 3.69 kg (8.14 lb)

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Yes. These leads are pn 22024, Battery Cable.

  2. Yes. It is a good idea to fully charge the BP12 with the CH100/CH200 before deployment.

  3. Trickle chargers and float chargers vary. It is possible to do this, but ensure that the regulator voltage will match the battery specifications [13.65 V – (18 mV) x (T-25°C)] for float charging.

  4. Look for a stamp on top of the battery. The stamp may be in a date format of YYMMDDXX where:

    • YY is the year.
    • MM is the month.
    • DD is the day.
    • XX is the manufacturing plant.

    This indicates the age of the battery.

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