17548 900 MHz 0 dBd Omnidirectional Antenna without Mounting Hardware


The 17548 is a 0 dBd omnidirectional antenna used with our 900 MHz radio solutions. This antenna is suitable for short, direct line-of-sight transmission in all directions. The antenna does not include mounting hardware. (Order pn 13906 separately.)

Note: In the image, the 17548 is shown with mounting hardware (sold separately.)


17548 antenna shown with mounting hardware (sold separately)
17548 antenna shown with mounting hardware (sold separately)


Antenna Type Omnidirectional
Gain 0 dBd
Frequency 896 to 940 MHz
Connector Type N female jack
Material Gold anodized aluminum sleeve, white UV-treated fiberglass radome
Diameter 3.3 cm (1.31 in.)
Length 34.28 cm (13.375 in.)
Weight 0.29 kg (0.65 lb)


Antenna Cables

The following cables can be used:

  • COAXNTN-L—connects the antenna to the radio, datalogger, or interface via a surge protector.
  • COAXRPSMA-L—connects the antenna to spread-spectrum radios other than the RF450 when surge protection is not required.
  • COAXSMA-L—connects the antenna to an RF450 when surge protection is not required.

Contemporary Devices

The 17548 is compatible with these current products:

Spread-Spectrum Radios

  • RF451
  • RF401A
  • RF411A
  • RF407
  • RF412


  • CR206X
  • CR211X
  • CR6-RF451
  • CR6-RF407
  • CR6-RF412
  • CRVW3-RF451
  • CRVW3-RF407
  • CRVW3-RF412

Vibrating-Wire Peripherals

  • AVW206
  • AVW211

Retired Devices

The 17548 is compatible with these retired products:

Spread-Spectrum Radios

  • RF400
  • RF401
  • RF430
  • RF410
  • RF411
  • RF431
  • RF450
  • FGR-115RE and RC


  • CR205
  • CR206
  • CR210
  • CR211

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