In 2010 Campbell Scientific released the 110PV back-of-module temperature sensor. This sensor quickly became one of the most trusted sensors in the solar industry for measuring the temperature of photovoltaic panels. The CS240 back-of-module temperature sensor was added in 2017, which included the same rugged construction as the 110PV sensor, but with a Class A platinum-resistive thermometer (PRT) sensing element.

Now, we are excited to announce the CS240DM Class A PRT back-of-module temperature sensor with digital Modbus output. The CS240DM incorporates the same best-in-class measurement technology as the CS240. The sensor promotes optimal heat transfer to the Class A PRT sensing element, can be pulled through conduit, and will survive for decades in the harsh conditions of a solar farm.

In addition, the CS240DM features a precision analog-to-digital smart sensor measurement module, incorporating an optimized PRT measurement design. The measurement module is designed to minimize self-heating and lead-wire resistance errors. Measurement electronics are protected with 1,200 V isolation as well as an overmolding with an IP65 rating to protect against the elements.

The CS240DM digital Modbus output enables a broad range of compatibility with on-site SCADA hardware, even at long cable lengths. 

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