CM250 Leveling Mounting Kit


The CM250 is a mounting kit that is included with several products that are mounted and leveled on the end of a crossarm. It consists of a fabricated aluminum adapter with set screws, a captive 3/8 in. bolt, and a 3/16 in. Allen wrench. The adapter is meant to be attached to the end of a 1.31 in. outer diameter pipe or crossarm, such as the CM204. The 3/16 in. Allen wrench may be used to tighten the pair set screws that hold the adapter in place on the crossarm. The captive 3/8 in. bolt screws into the block or base of the sensor being mounted. As the bolt is tightened, the base of the sensor and the top of the adapter form a ball-and-socket joint that can be adjusted until the sensor is level.




The CM250 is shipped with our micrometeorological sensors and is available as a replacement part.

Compatible Micrometeorological Sensors