41003-5A 10-Plate Solar Radiation Shield with Band Clamp


The 41003-5A, manufactured by R. M. Young, is a naturally aspirated 10-plate radiation shield. Its louvered construction allows air to pass freely through the shield, keeping the probe at or near ambient temperature. The shield's white color reflects solar radiation. 

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Detailed Description

The 41003-5A 10-Plate Gill Radiation Shield is typically used with an LW110 to house its HC2S3 Temperature and RH probe; the hex plug required to mount the HC2S3 in the shield is shipped with the sensor.

The 41003-5A can also house a 43347, 107, 108, 109, or HMP60 probe. The HMP45C and several other retired sensors are also compatible. Refer to the Compatibility tab for the hardware required to mount the above sensors in the shield.


Construction UV-stabilized white thermoplastic plates, aluminum mounting bracket
Plate Diameter 11.9 cm (4.7 in.)
Height 20.3 cm (8.0 in.)
Weight 590 g (1.3 lb)


The 41003-5A attaches to a CM500-series pole or a user-supplied 2 in. IPS pole.


Air Temperature

107 108 109 43347
* * *

Contemporary Temperature and Relative Humidity

CS215 HMP60 HMP155A HC2S3

Retired Temperature and Relative Humidity

# #

Sensor Notes:
*The 41322 adapter is required to install a 107, 108, or 109 probe.

†The 27251 hex plug is required to secure the 43347 RTD into the radiation shield's base.

#For the HMP60, HMP50, and CS500 probes, the 41322 adapter can be used to mount the sensor in the lower part of the shield. Alternatively, a 41381 extension tube and the 6637 hex plug can be used to mount the HMP60, HMP50, or CS500 in a higher part of the shield; this configuration also requires the #18278 cable.

♣The 27731 hex plug is required to mount the HC2S3 in the 41003-5A.

‡The 27251 hex plug is required to mount an HMP35C, HMP35A, or HMP45C in the 41003-5A. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. To measure ambient temperature and relative humidity (RH), mount the HC2S3-L probe inside a 41003-5 or 41003-5A 10-Plate Radiation Shield. The 27731 hex plug is shipped with the HC2S3-L so that it can be used with older 10-plate radiation shield models. The 6-plate radiation shield (pn 41303-5A) cannot be used with the HC2S3-L.

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