39089 14 in. DIN Rail Mounting Kit


The 39089 can facilitate wiring when many wires need to be connected to one terminal. This kit contains one 14-inch DIN rail mounting bracket, two 505 screws, two 6044 grommets, and two 15908 DIN Rail Stoppers. A complete configuration would also include terminal connectors, end plates, and jumpers. The stoppers, terminal connectors, and end plates are mounted onto the DIN rail bracket. The DIN rail bracket is mounted to an enclosure backplate using the kit’s screws and grommets.



Hardware Type DIN rail mounting kit
Why/When to Use Allows multiple DIN rail mountable products to be secured to the enclosure backplate.
Mounting Bracket Length 35.56 cm (14.0 in.)
Mounting Space to Hold Parts 33.0 cm (13.0 in.) Can connect up to 33 items depending on width of items.
Weight 68 g (0.2 lb)


Note: The following shows notable compatibility information. It is not a comprehensive list of all compatible or incompatible products.


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