29290 PS150 12 V Power Supply with Charging Regulator but without a Battery
Offers PS150 Capability without a Battery
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The 29290 is a 12 Vdc power supply that includes a charging regulator. Charging power for the 29290 is typically supplied by an unregulated solar panel, AC/AC transformer, or AC/DC converter. The 29290 provides charging with temperature compensation for optimal charging and battery life. A maximum power point tracking algorithm is incorporated for solar inputs to maximize available solar charging resources.

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Benefits and Features

  • Protects against high-amperage and high-voltage damage to power supply
  • Battery reversal protection
  • Allows simultaneous connection of two charging sources (e.g., solar panel, ac wall charger)
  • ETL listed Class 2 power supply


29290 Front View
29290 Front View
29290 Front View
29290 Back View
29290 Left View
29290 Right View
29290 Top View
29290 Bottom View
29290 with lid off
29290 with lid off, side view

Detailed Description

The 29290 is a micro-controller-based smart charger with temperature compensation that optimizes battery charging and increases the battery's life. Two input terminals enable simultaneous connection of two charging sources. They also incorporate a maximum power point tracking algorithm for solar inputs that maximizes available solar charging resources.

The 29290 has several safety features intended to protect the charging source, battery, charger, and load devices. Battery-reversal protection is included, as well as ESD and surge protection on all of the 29290 inputs and outputs.


Operational Temperature -40° to +60°C (VRLA battery manufacturers state that “heat kills batteries” and recommend operating batteries at ≤ 50°C.)
Dimensions 19.3 x 7.6 x 10.6 cm (7.5 x 3 x 4.2 in.)

CHARGE - CHARGE Terminals (AC or DC Source)

AC 18 to 24 V RMS (internally limited to 1.2 A RMS)
DC 16 to 40 Vdc (internally limited to 1.2 Adc)

SOLAR Terminals (Solar Panel or Other DC Source)

-NOTE- Battery voltages below 8.7 V may result in < 3.0 A current limit because of fold-back current limit.
Input Voltage Range 15 to 40 Vdc
Maximum Charging Current 4 Adc typical (3.1 to 4.8 Adc depending on individual charger)

Quiescent Current

No Charge Source Present 160 μA at 13.7 Vdc
No Battery Connected 930 μA at 30 V input voltage (ac or dc)

Battery Charging

FLOAT Charging Vbatt(T) = 13.65 - (24 mV) x (T - 25) + (0.24 mV) x (T - 25)2
Accuracy ±1% (on charging voltage over -40° to +60°C)

Power Out (+12 Terminals)

Voltage Unregulated 12 V from battery (4.65 A solid-state circuit breaker)
Standards ETL Listed Class 2 power supply


Solar Panels

SP5-L SP10 SP10R SP20 SP20R SP50-L SP90-L

Datalogger Considerations

Compatible Contemporary Dataloggers

CR200(X) Series CR800/CR850 CR1000 CR3000 CR9000X CR6

Compatible Retired Dataloggers

CR500 CR510 CR10 CR10X 21X CR23X CR5000 CR7X CR9000
* *

*Typically, a CR23X, CR3000, or CR5000 datalogger uses its integrated rechargeable base instead of the 29290. However, the 29290 can be used if the datalogger has a low-profile base or if the battery base has been disconnected.

Enclosure Considerations

A desiccated, non-condensing environment is required. The 29290 includes built-in keyhole flanges for mounting to the backplate of a Campbell Scientific enclosure.

Compatible Enclosures

ENC10/12 ENC10/12R ENC12/14 ENC14/16 ENC16/18


The 29290 is compatible with the A100 null-modem adapter and the A105 adapter for additional 12 V output terminals. The A100 Null Modem Adapter connects and powers two Campbell Scientific peripherals via two CS I/O 9-pin connectors configured as a null modem. This is useful in linking different communications technologies, such as telephone to radio, at sites that do not have a datalogger. The A105 adapter may be used to provide additional 12 V and ground terminals where the power supply is used to power several devices.