Campbell Scientific’s RAWS-F (Remote Automated Weather Station for Fire Weather) is ideal for prescribed burns or other temporary installations. This lightweight, pre-configured station can be set up in as little as 10 minutes—without tools. An aluminum environmental enclosure houses a 12-V rechargeable battery and a CR1000M Module; in turn, the enclosure mounts to a 6-ft tripod. The battery is recharged with either a solar panel or AC power.

The outside of the enclosure has color-coded, keyed connectors for attaching wind speed and direction, air temperature and relative humidity, precipitation, solar radiation, and the optional fuel moisture/temperature sensors. Besides the connectors, a wiring panel is included that allows the attachment of additional sensors that measure barometric pressure, stream flow, snow depth, water depth.

The station is preprogrammed to comply with the National Fire Danger Rating System (NFDRS) weather station standards. Communication options include our GOES satellite transmitter and the VSP3 Voice Radio Interface. The VSP3 allows customers to call a RAWS-F station via a hand-held radio and receive verbal reports of real-time conditions. Our RAWS-F station is also compatible with other communication equipment such as telephones, digital cellular transceivers, and RF.

The station’s components fit inside two custom carrying cases (optional) for easy transport to your site.

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