Campbell Scientific offers comprehensive training courses on our dataloggers and software. Visit to see the current schedule and register on-line. These courses emphasize datalogger programming and use hands-on exercises to reinforce concepts.

Each course is suitable for a family of dataloggers supported by common software. Take the CR9000X course if you have a CR9000, CR9000X, or are using a CR5000 with PC9000. Take the CR1000 course if you have a CR3000, CR1000, CR800, or CR200-series datalogger, or are using a CR5000 with LoggerNet. The CR10X course is suitable for users of dataloggers programmed with Edlog, such as the CR23X, CR10X, and CR510.

If you have questions about which course will best meet your needs, please contact an applications engineer. We can also arrange for a customized course at your location or a self-study course.

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