In June, we released LoggerNet version 3.3, which provides communication and programming support for our new CR800-series dataloggers. In addition, this version includes the following enhancements:

  • CSV is a custom file format available in the Setup window and CardConvert. This new format, available only for table-based dataloggers, saves data in a comma-separated format similar to mixed-array data. This option allows customers who have databases or other data analysis packages populated with mixed- array data to easily integrate table-based data.
  • The Field Calibration wizard detects the presence of a calibration file in the CRX000 dataloggers. This wizard uses the information generated by the datalogger’s FieldCal instruction to walk you
    through calibration of the measurements.
  • An option creates unique file names when LoggerNet’s command line backup utility is run as a task. The file names are based on the date and time when backup occurs.
  • Library-file support is available in the CRBasic Editor. A library file is a snippet of CRBasic code that is easily imported into a new program.
  • CardConvert can now store processed files in uniform-sized packets based on time, as well as provide a unique name for processed files based on the time stamp of the data.

Users who have any 3.x version of LoggerNet can download a patch from our web site to update their software to LoggerNet 3.3 free of charge. Other LoggerNet and PC208W users can upgrade their software for a reduced price.

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