Campbell Scientific’s CR800-series dataloggers will eventually replace the CR510 dataloggers. The new dataloggers include many of the capabilities of our CR1000 dataloggers, but with fewer input channels and at a lower cost. The CR800 series offers four control ports, a CS I/O port, an RS-232 port, and either six single-ended or three differential analog inputs; each channel is individually configured. Like the CR1000, the CR800 series uses the PakBus® communications protocol and stores data for each output interval in a separate table. The dataloggers also support the Modbus protocol, SDI-12 protocol, multiplexers, and SDM devices. Any 12-Vdc source can power the loggers, but a PS100 or BPALK is typically used.

Compatible software includes LoggerNet, PC400, PC200W, and Short Cut. The CR800-series dataloggers are programmed in CRBasic or by using our Short Cut program generator. For continuity, most existing CR510 or CR10X datalogger programs may be converted to CR800 programs by using the Transformer program included with LoggerNet and PC400.

The CR800-series dataloggers are compatible with most of our telecommunication devices such as cellular telephones, UHF/VHF RF modems, and satellite transceivers. However, they do not have the peripheral port used with the CFM100 and NL115.

In June, Campbell Scientific released the CR800, which uses the detachable CR1000KD keyboard display. Another member of the CR800-series, the CR850, is scheduled to be released in autumn 2006. The CR850 has a built-in keyboard display that provides functionality similar to the CR1000KD. Both the CR1000KD and the CR850’s on-board keyboard display can be used to show datalogger status, plot or display sensor readings and stored values, enter numeric data, or change the state of a port or flag. An advanced and powerful feature of these keyboard displays is the ability to have user-defined menus to prompt field personnel through tasks such as sensor setup and calibration. The custom menu is defined as part of the program using the CRBasic Editor.

Although the CR800-series dataloggers will replace our CR510-series in many applications, existing CR510 customers who do not need the new capabilities offered in the CR800 and who prefer to program their datalogger using Edlog instead of CRBasic can still purchase a CR510. As with all of our other dataloggers, we will continue to support the CR510, and we will service it as long as replacement parts are available.

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