It is rare for Campbell Scientific to find an off-the-shelf telemetry product that complements our dataloggers so well—but we’ve found it in FreeWave’s FGR-115RC. This 900-MHz, 1-W, spread-spectrum radio is known for its high speed, long range, relatively low power consumption, and reliable performance.

The FGR-115RC has a continuous throughput of 115.2 kbps. Radio links of up to 60 miles line-of-sight between datalogger and repeaters have been documented. These transmission distances are not possible with our lower-powered RF401-series transceivers. When used in a PakBus® network and configured for multipoint slave operation, the radio can drop down below 12-mA quiescent current at 12 Vdc. Power to the radios is supplied by a 110-Vac power adapter or a 12-Vdc power cable that connects to the datalogger’s power supply.

The FGR-115RC is an FCC Part 15 device that supports communications in the US. For customers outside the US, check with your local distributor to determine the applicability of the FGR-115RC in your area.

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