A new High Data Rate (HDR) GOES satellite transmitter, the TX312, is offered on our price lists. The TX312 uses the GOES satellite system to provide one-way communication from a Data Collection Platform (DCP) to a receiving station. Supported transmission rates are 100, 300, and 1200 bps. The TX312 is compatible with Campbell Scientific's CR10X, CR1000, CR510, CR23X, or CR5000 dataloggers. The TX312 is undergoing NESDIS certification, and is expected to be completed soon.

Because clock accuracy is critically important for GOES satellite telemetry, the TX312 includes a robust, TCXO-based real-time clock and a GPS receiver. The GPS receiver automatically corrects clock and oscillator drift. The real-time clock's precision allows independent operation for up to 28 days without GPS correction. A new GPS antenna is both jam resistant and submersible for greater reliability under field conditions.

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